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Youth Community Action Network

A paid program for young men of color, ages 16-21, in the International District

Build leadership skills.  Strengthen self-awareness.  Get involved in the International District.  Learn how to engage with and in your community.  Develop a project to lift up your neighborhood.  Work with other young men to support your peers.  

Youth Community Action Network (Y-CAN) is a paid opportunity to learn and take action – to better yourself and your community.  It is part-time and short-term.  

Y-CAN is part of a new collaborative called Making Connections: International District (MC:ID).  MC:ID is a place-based initiative that seeks to engage, connect, cultivate, and activate young men of color in the International District to act to enhance your community in ways you see fit. 

Y-CAN is made up of bi-weekly gatherings with other young men of color from your neighborhood.  It will take place in the International District and at field sites throughout the Southeast Quadrant of the city.  Together you will get to know one another and community leaders while learning and practicing identity, leadership, community, social justice, organizing, reflection and improvement. Y-CAN will culminate in a young men of color group-designed project, funded by MC:ID, to improve mental and emotional wellbeing for young men in the International District. As a group you will work together to make this project a reality. 

Application Deadline – June 26th

Start Date – June 27th        

End Date – October 13th

Gatherings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-2:30pm (lunch provided)

Location: Y-CAN “Homeroom” – 4118 Central Ave SE

Stipend Amount: $2500*

Applicants should: (1) identify as Black/African American, American Indian/ Indigenous/Native, Asian Pacific Islander; Chicano/Hispanic/Latino or Middle Eastern; (2) reside in the International District, (3) be between 16-21 years old; and (4) be interested in self-awareness, leadership, community organizing and engagement, event and project planning, healthy relationships and mentoring, reflection and mental and emotional wellbeing.  Preference will be given to applicants not working and not attending school

Applicants should be ready to commit to: (1) meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-2pm; (2) regularly communicating with Y-CAN Coordinator; (3) being open to learning about himself and others as leaders in our community; (4) fully participating by showing up to all meetings and other sessions

Successful candidates who attend all of Y-CAN sessions will be provided leadership development and mentoring as well as a $2500 stipend. Those who complete Y-CAN will be eligible to participate in the implementation of their proposed social action or project with an additional potential stipend.

*Y-CAN participants will receive a $2500 stipend upon:

- Successful completion of the program

- Collaborative creation of a community mental and emotional wellbeing improvement project proposal

- Full participation including reflection and evaluation activities 

For more information contact Project Manager, Everette Hill, at 505-585-1487 or makingconnectionsID@gmail.com

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